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About Us

Paragon, a distinguished distributor of bespoke insurance solutions in the UK, has evolved over 30 years to expertly cover household, motor, and commercial sectors. Our transformation from a local broker in 1989 to a trusted distributor reflects the deep commitment and expertise of our team. Embodying innovation at every level, we uphold integrity, embrace challenges, and drive forward through collaborative growth and continual learning. 


Our approach is firmly rooted in a deep understanding and meticulous adaptation to the dynamic risk landscape of insurance, ensuring our products not only align with evolving market conditions for profitability but also consistently offer robust and fair coverage to our consumers.

Our Heritage: Deep Roots and Expert Insights

Our team, with an average of over 25 years of industry expertise, forms the foundation of our operations. Our seasoned professionals possess extensive knowledge in underwriting, operations, and compliance, playing a pivotal role in our evolution. Established as a broker in 1989, Paragon adeptly transitioned to a distributor by 2000. Our sustained presence has enabled us to navigate the industry's myriad changes with agility and foresight. This wealth of experience is the cornerstone of our capacity to develop insurance solutions that are robust, reliable, and finely attuned to the complexities of risk.


Excellent Broker Partnerships: A Network of Trust

Originating as a broker has given us a unique perspective on broker requirements. With a network of over 800 brokers, we've built relationships based on mutual trust and understanding. These long-standing connections enable us to distribute high-quality insurance products efficiently, benefiting from a network that supports our stringent risk selection process.

Innovative and
Data-Driven Product Development

We pride ourselves on our dedication to innovation and use of data analysis in developing our insurance offerings. This data-driven approach allows Paragon to align its products accurately with market demands and risk parameters, offering solutions that are not just competitive, but also innovative and uniquely suited to the needs of insurers and customers.


Expert Risk Reduction: Elevating Profitability Standards

Paragon's reputation for excellent risk management is underpinned by consistently maintaining loss ratios significantly below industry standards. This achievement is the result of our multifaceted approach, which integrates thorough underwriting, continuous benchmarking against market trends, and the development of comprehensive postcode exclusion lists. We enhance this with thorough broker vetting and adept management of insurance portfolios, skilfully identifying and avoiding high-risk situations. These strategies, honed over three decades, ensure minimal risk and maximal gain for our insurer partners, solidifying our leadership in risk management.

Cutting-Edge Tech: Driving Insurance Innovation

Leveraging our in-house technological advancements, Paragon is at the forefront of digital innovation within the insurance sector. We have channelled substantial investment into proprietary online platforms, enhancing our operational efficiency and client service capabilities. Our solid partnerships with industry leaders like CDL, SSP, and OpenGI enable us to provide fully integrated e-commerce solutions that are seamless and adaptable to a variety of software systems. This ensures that we can offer our clients comprehensive support tailored to their specific needs, reinforcing our commitment to a streamlined and effective client experience.

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