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About Us

Here at Paragon, we have become a pioneering distributor of bespoke insurance solutions in the UK, thanks to our strong, dynamic team and innovation at our core. Over the years, our success has been steered by the collective passion, commitment, and expertise of our people.

Each member of our team, regardless of their role, embodies our spirit of innovation, and brings a wealth of specialist knowledge and unwavering enthusiasm. We foster an environment where integrity is paramount, challenges are eagerly tackled, and collaboration and continual learning form our modus operandi.


Expert Team with Extensive Broker Network

Paragon boasts an experienced management team, each with 20+ years in the industry, ensuring a deep understanding of the insurance market and a proficiency in developing and distributing tailored insurance products. The team’s expertise is complemented by a strong network of over 800 brokers, enabling wide and efficient product distribution to meet diverse client needs.

Innovative and
Data-Driven Product Development

We pride ourselves on our dedication to innovation and use of data analysis in developing our insurance offerings. This data-driven approach allows Paragon to align its products accurately with market demands and risk parameters, offering solutions that are not just competitive, but also innovative and uniquely suited to the needs of insurers and customers.


Holistic Risk Mitigation

Leveraging our expertise and data capabilities, Paragon is committed to effective risk mitigation. This comes through in our careful underwriting processes, thorough broker vetting, and effective management of the insurance portfolios. Paragon provides an environment that ensures minimal risk and maximal gain for its insurer partners.

Advanced Technology

Additionally, we have made substantial investments in our proprietary online systems and fostered robust partnerships with CDL, SSP, and OpenGI. This enables us to offer fully integrated e-commerce solutions for your business, backed by the full support of your software provider. With seamless collaboration, we ensure a comprehensive and efficient experience for our valued clients.

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